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Modern India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It is made up of 25 states and 7 territories and its people use 18 different languages and practice 7 major religions. So you can imagine how complex our culinary is.

The type of Indian food found in the majority of Indian restaurants is based on a very successful menu formula, true original version of these restaurants were run by Panjabi in India where they served a mixture of Panjabi cuisine such as tandoori and mughal dishes, korma and biryani. As the popularity grew the menu was established then replicated in new restaurants (hence most Indian restaurants have a very similar menu), although there is a vast amount of dishes on these menus, they represent a tiny section of Indian cuisine.

We want to bring more to this menu not by adding more dishes but using different combination of spices from different areas such as Goa, Rajestan, Bengal and Kashmir bringing originality to every dish. To start off this was a very expensive process not due to the fact that we stock a huge amount of herbs and spices but we needed to work with chefs from different backgrounds with different knowledge and experience. Today we would whole-heartedly like to say this has been a very successful process, Village Indiya has become a very popular restaurant, thanks to all our customers who have shared in this experience.

Winner for the Best Asian Restaurant of the Year award at the Asian Curry Awards 2016